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In the pursuit of spreading fitness and health, Nu Era Fitness has begun to team up with athletes that are not only the leaders in their sports, but also ambassadors of personal fitness. Nu Era Athletes define what it means to be an athlete:

“A person possessing the natural or acquired traits, such as strength, agility, and endurance, that are necessary for physical exercise or sports, especially those performed in competitive contexts.”

Let these Nu Era Athletes ignite your fire, begin training today…Train Like There’s No Finish Line!


Andrea Ager


Andrea graduated from Colorado Mesa University with a Bachelors of Kinesiology, concentration in Exercise Science. She ran Track & Field for Mesa all four years and after graduation made a life change and moved from Colorado to California to live out her CrossFit dream. “CrossFit Coaching and personal training is the best job ever, and competing has become my life.” Andrea was on the 5th place team at the 2011 CrossFit Games and placed 5th in the 2012 SoCal Regionals.

Andrea strives to keep her training as "random" as possible keeping her on her toes and feeling like she can "throw down" any place, any time. Working out sometimes in the morning, afternoon or late at night, hungry, full of food, tired or full of energy and hype. With her approach there's no "ideal time" for training, and whether it when she first wakes up or just gets done coaching, at the drop of a hat it's GAME TIME!

If not training Andrea is playing at the beach, running, sucking it up and swimming in the ocean, hiking in the mountains, snow boarding, having little competitions, flying to surprise her family in Colorado, talking on the phone, reading CrossFit Journal, bible studies, going to church, and... being silly. :D

“I love God, my family and my friends, and can't wait to see what His plans are for my future.”

Full CrossFit Competition history:

2011 Crossfit Regionals Team Competition – 2nd in Southern California
2011 Crossfit Games Team Competition – 5th worldwide
2011 StrongFit Competition – 1st Place
2011 NLI #3 Summer Series – 10th Place Advanced
2011 NLI Qualifiers – 1st Place
2011 NLI #1 Winter Series – 1st Place Advanced
2011 NLI #2 Winter Series – 4th Place Advanced
2011 NLI #3 Winter Series – 1st Place Advanced
2011 NLI Winter Series Overall – 1st Place Advanced
2011 WOD Gear Team Series – 2nd Place team
2012 OC Throwdown Qualifiers – 1st Place
2012 OC Throwdown – 5th Place Elite
2012 Frogman Challenge – 2nd Place Advanced
2012 StrongFit Competition 2012 – 1st Place
2012 Tri-county Winter Shakedown Team Competition- 1st Place
2012 Fit Games Team Competition – 3rd Place
2012 WOD Wars Boy/Girl Team Series- 1st Place
2012 Crossfit Open – 2nd in Southern California, 5th worldwide
2012 Crossfit Regionals- 5th in Southern California
2012 Summer Crush Games – 1st Place
2012 Summer Shakedown Team Competition – 2nd Place
2012 SICest of the Southwest – 2nd Place
2013 The OC Throwdown – 6th place
2013 The London Throwdown – 2nd place
2013 Summer Crush Games – 3rd place


Andrea is currently leading the charge on Project AgerBomb, a Socially Funded CrossFit Gym. Get behind this kick ass athlete and help support her dreams. Check out Project AgerBomb’s promo video and learn a bit more about Andrea here:


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