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Kettlebells are a quintessential piece of CrossFit Equipment. The Kettlebell is a centuries-old Russian training tool that has gained traction in the U.S. as athletes and gym enthusiasts have experienced exceptional results. The Kettlebell was first introduced in the U.S. in 2000, and by 2002 Rolling Stones Magazine called the Kettlebell the “Hot Weight of the Year”. Since then Kettlebells have become a major staple in commercial gyms, college weight rooms, CrossFit Gyms, and professional training centers.

Unlike dumbbells, Kettlebell design displaces the weight from the hand which requires much more involvement of stabilization muscles. Movements such as the Kettlebell swing, snatch, jerk, and clean are whole-body exercises that require the integration of many major muscle groups, including strong core stabilization. 

Full body, functional movements are a major element of CrossFit training.  Functional movements mimic movement patterns of everyday life, thus facilitating the overall well being and health of the body.  Kettlebells allow for swinging movements as well as press and pull type exercises, allowing for a total body workout using a variety of exercises with a single piece of equipment.

Before you start, let us first get you spun up on some Kettlebell lingo. You need to know what we mean when we say, “Get Your Pood On”. A Pood is a unit of weight measurement from the now abolished Imperial Russian weight system. Although the weigh system is no longer used in Russia, the Pood measurement for Kettlebells stuck. A Pood is about 16.38kg or 36.11 pounds. Nu Era Fitness offers ½ Pood Kettlebells up to 3 Pood Kettlebells, all with a satisfaction guarantee. Benchmark Workouts such as the Arnie, Helen, Hansen, and Nate all incorporate Kettlebells. 

Take your fitness to new levels with Kettlebells from Nu Era Fitness! Email us at Questions@Nuerafitness.com if you have any questions or would like guidance with your Kettlebell purchase or any other essential CrossFit Equipment. Special discounts just for asking our advice!