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Plyo Boxes


Plyo Boxes, short for plyometric boxes, are a great tool for doing box jumps. The plyometric box jump requires a fast, powerful movement by rapidly contracting muscles to elevate the body off the floor and onto the box. Plyometric box jumps not only improve power and strength, they also burn a significant amount of calories when done in higher sets.

nu-era-plyo-box.pngDo not think that box jumps are just for elite athletes trying to increase speed, vertical jump height, or explosive power. While these outcomes are achieved by using plyo boxes, there are many other benefits to be gained. Box jumps are a full body, function movement that not only engage fast twitch muscle fibers in the legs, but also require the explosive use of the hips as well as core utilization. Many CrossFit workouts, including Benchmark Workouts Danny, Kelly, McGhee, and Nutts, require box jumps in rapid succession giving you the additional benefit of increased heart rate for calorie burn as well as muscle exhaustion.

Take your fitness to the next level with Steel Plyo Boxes from Nu Era Fitness! Selection of Plyo Box height depends on your level of fitness and experience. Please feel free to email us at NuEra@NuEraFitness.com if you have any questions or would like guidance with your Plyo Box purchase. Special discounts just for asking our advice!

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