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Sleds & Sandbags

Sleds offer an entirely new element of firepower to your CrossFit arsenal, and Nu Era Fitness offers both the speed and power sled to help you achieve your fitness goals.  Sled training specifically addresses hamstring and glute weakness along with many upper body training variations that can help with poor posture.  The sled allows for functional training by utilizing multiple movement patterns without large changes to the equipment itself.  Sleds are also phenomenal for training with more than one person and can be used for specific training stations, team challenges, and many other unique/effective setups.

Sandbags have been an integral training tool for athletes for hundreds of years because they provide a versatile, cost-effective training option.  Sandbags are especially crucial for stabilizer training because they do not retain their shape and change every time you lift them, thus creating a slightly varied lift with every repetition.  The non-cooperative nature of sandbags utilizes every muscle.  This is especially true with explosive sandbag lifts such as cleans, throws, snatches, and shouldering.  The trunk muscles (including those of the low back and abdominal area) have to work harder to stabilize the body against the awkward load while moving very quickly. 

Take your fitness to the next level with Sleds and Sandbags from Nu Era Fitness!  Please feel free to email us at NuEra@NuEraFitness.com if you have any questions or would like guidance with your purchase. Special discounts just for asking our advice!