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Weightlifting Shoes


There are few who would argue against investing in a quality Olympic Weightlifting shoe for Olympic lifts or for CrossFit purposes. Any athletes apparel will vary according to the sport they are engaged in, specifically the shoes, and Olympic Lifting is no different. 

Weightlifting shoes offer a few qualities that make them a no brainer for the lifter looking for instant improvement:

Straps - The straps on an Olympic lifting shoe allow the lifter to push harder against the sides of the shoe which allows for increased hip activation. This will allow for a stronger, more stable squat or pull from the ground.

Sole - With a stable, consistent sole on the Olympic lifting shoe you'll experience the same feeling under foot regardless of the lift. A softer shoe will compress and be inconsistent and unstable, leaving you to the whims of your footwear. This consistent platform from which you will be pushing against will give you confidence in each lift.

Heel - Typically an Olympic lifting shoe has anywhere between a .5" and 1" heel. This lift to your heel allows you to squat into a deeper position as it increases the range of motion in your ankle which will also help keep you in a better, upright and vertical torso position.

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